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RADEC, S.A. DE C.V. is a 100% Mexican company, founded in February 28th 1978 at Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. It imports, markets and distributes collision auto parts from the best manufacturers, authorized and certified on the strictest quality standards. Radec has 5 Distribution Centers and 14 Business Centers located at Guadalajara, Monterrey, Estado de México, Distrito Federal, Tijuana, León, Chichuahua, Mexicali, Villahermosa, Veracruz and Puebla where both wholesale and retails clients are served. Radec ensures efficient deliveries around Mexico with its more than 538,195.5 sqft. of space dedicated to warehousing, a fleet with great capacity and agreements with leader shipping companies. Their catalog of products is constantly increased, currently it's formed of more than 30,000 different products for all cars models of the Mexican vehicle stock. Thanks to their clients and more than 39 years of work in the industry Radec has been recognized as a innovative company, innovating in all their operations as well as using SAP system which controls processes with high precision. Finally, Radec is a company compromised with its clients, suppliers, partners, environment and society.


With our clients
To surpass their service expectations, product quality and competitiveness on auto parts marketing.
With our suppliers
To have loyal alliances, innovation and constant growth.
With our partners
To offer opportunities to develop integral and qualified people.
With society
To be a socially responsible company
With our company
To transcend being profitable and living with values


To be the leader company in collision auto parts through marketing methods innovation and specialization, increasing in business centers in order to get closer to our clients and reach out the service desired through standardizing, technology, and self-realization of our partners.


  • Humility
    Act with simplicity
  • Productivity
    Give your best
  • Wholeness
    Always do the right
  • Generosity
    Let's help to help us
  • Innovation
    Add value to your company